Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some doubts, and we aim to answer your most frequent questions, ensuring you have all the information you need to make your social explorations as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Can I make reservations with Lyfe Social?

No. Unfortunately we are not able to help you make reservations. We can let you know the venues around you, what they have going on and whether they offer a perk when you visit.

Can I invite my friends to join?

Yes! Lyfe Social helps you plan and coordinate your outings so make sure to invite all your contacts to join you on Lyfe Social.

What type of perks do Lyfe users get?

Lyfe users can expect a variety of perks and incentives. Venues and events have complete freedom to create any type of incentive they want. Some venues choose to offer welcome cocktail bites, others offer access to secret menu items. Regardless, all incentives will allow you to experience and savor the uniqueness of events and venues in Miami.

Does Lyfe Social create Ads?

Lyfe Social is not an advertising agency and does not offer advertising services. All ads created are intended for the promotion of your venue to Lyfe Social users. Ads may be published on social media platforms, google and other websites. All advertising will be shared with the venue for approval prior to publishing.

What do I need to provide to be a featured venue?

All we need to feature your venue is a short blurb describing your establishment including hours of operation, happy hour and brunch schedules, information on any other theme night your venue has scheduled, a high resolution logo and an incentive for Lyfe Social users.

Can we remove, pause or change the perk any time?

You have complete control over the incentive your venue offers. You come up with the perk or perks and provide us with all the details and information we need from the starting date, to the days of the week and times you would like to have it live. You are welcome to add, pause, or remove perks as many times as you please.

Can I buy tickets with Lyfe Social?

No. Unfortunately, we are not able to help you purchase tickets. We can let you know the venues and events around you, what they have going on and whether they offer a perk when you visit.

Does Lyfe have an ambassadors program?

Yes! Make sure to visit and fill out the information and someone from our team will be in touch with you in 24 to 48 hours.

Does Lyfe Social manage my venue's social media account?

Lyfe Social, is not and does not provide social media service. All venue content created is intended for promoting your venue and will be published on Lyfe social media accounts. All content created will be created respecting and following venue branding guidelines and will be shown to the venue’s point of contact for approval prior to publishing.

Do venues need to pay a monthly fee?

Venues do not need to pay a monthly fee to be featured on our platform.

Do you need to offer an incentive to be featured as a venue partner?

Yes! Our app not only showcases each venue's distinct concept but also encourages creative marketing approaches. We are interested in showcasing all venues in their own essence. We recognize that each venue operates to its own high standards, and our aim is to represent and portray your brand authentically and respectfully. From days of the week to time or quantity you have complete control over your venue’s perk. You are free to get creative with any type of incentive from a welcome drink, or bite, a menu sampler, reservation slots, secret menu, signature cocktail the possibilities are endless. Our team is here to assist if you need help any step of the way.

Does Lyfe help make announcements, or promote events?

Yes! We love to hear about everything your venue or event has going on! Send us the information you would like shared with any artwork and we will be happy to share on the Lyfe Social App, website and social media channels.