Dive into the heart of the action with Lyfe Social Ambassadors! If you’re passionate about making every moment count and have a knack for spreading positivity and connection, this is your platform to shine. As a Lyfe Social Ambassador, you’re not just part of the community; you’re leading the charge in creating unforgettable experiences. Here are three reasons to embark on this vibrant journey with us:

Become an Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors

Join the Lyfe Social Ambassadors – Where Your Vibes Create Waves!

Martha Philipos

Rick Sarille

Are You as Passionate About Lyfe as We Are?

Ready to turn your social prowess into opportunities? Join us as a Brand Ambassador and lead the way to a world where every outing is an adventure, every connection is meaningful, and every moment is an opportunity to thrive. Let’s make waves together!

Become an Ambassador


Be a Trendsetter

Leave your mark on the social scene! As an ambassador, you’ll have early access to the hottest spots, events, and experiences. Your insights will shape the future of socializing, making you a go-to source for what’s trending.


Exclusive Perks & Swag

Enjoy the VIP treatment with exclusive access to events, parties, and gatherings that Lyfe Social has to offer. Plus, get decked out in the coolest gear and enjoy special perks that only our ambassadors can access. Your social life just got an upgrade!


Connect & Grow

Expand your network by connecting with like-minded individuals who share your passion for exploration and adventure. As a Lyfe Social Ambassador, you’ll build lasting relationships, enhance your social influence, and develop skills that transcend the app.