Casa Tiki

2250 NW 2ND AVE, MIAMI, FL 33127

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Your Tropical Escape in Little Havana: Venture into the heart of Little Havana, where Casa Tiki offers a unique twist on Polynesian culture through a vibrant Latin lens. Brought to you by the innovative Homecookin’ Hospitality Group, known for Foxhole, Drunken Dragon, and Racket, Casa Tiki is not just a bar and lounge; it's a gateway to an exotic escape.

Immerse yourself in an environment where the essence of Polynesian traditions meets the warmth of Latin hospitality. Casa Tiki is your secluded haven on Calle Ocho, providing an unparalleled atmosphere for those seeking an adventure away from the mundane. Here, every cocktail tells a story of distant shores, with expert rum crafters taking you on a journey through taste and tradition.

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